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Why did i choose the name yap, because its my name. My Mother and Father give me this name, the name have full meaning about my life and future.

My dedicated team includes full-time marketing experts and web developers. We are passionate about website development, and our staff has more than 5 years of combined experience in online marketing, online promotions, website hosting and domain, website development, and search engine optimization (SEO). My Business has more than 1000 active customers consisting of web developer, hosting domain, SEO and directory business.

Depth of Experience

Our company is the incredible amount of experience, as well as support, that allows the business to thrive. We’ve been developing websites since 2010 and we’ve kept right up with design trends and new technology as it comes out.

Meet the Partner

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. We are in the office during business hours every day, and are available for phone calls and e-mail support. One of the things that makes unique, is that when you work with us you will likely interact with every member of our team at one point. From our qualified marketing experts in the field to our skilled in-house development and customer support staff, we are all looking forward to working with you on your next website project!

Slamet Pujiyono, S.Kom

Pujiyono has a strong background in marketing strategic, human resources and Information Technology, and been meet and working with many business owners for the last 10 years to help them solve their website and internet marketing issues. Graduating from the University Of Islam Indnesia, Yogyakarta in 2009. Pujiyono is skilled with computer, web page editing program, can help customers visualize what they need in a website and how to make e great website. He started his career with working in many other company, and in December 30th, 2013 He build PT. Pamuji Media Infotama and involved in many different community networking. Originally from Cilacap, Pujiyono now lives in Yogyakarta with his wife and 2 kids.

Misfah Fitria Astanti, S.Km

Misfah started with PamujiWEB Web Developer in October 2014. She has worn many hats including Consultant financial, Hospital Management, tutor and most recently administrative assistant. During her last employment she was asked to develop and manage the company management (Informations Technology) and rediscovered her love of it. She then decided to pursue web development as a career and looks forward to working one-on-one with business owners to help portray them in their best appearance online. Born in Magelang, Cenral Java, Misfah now lives in Yogyakarta. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music and watching movie.

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